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Annual Service

Our written agreement is only to prevent misunderstanding. It will be a description of the services and their respective fees, and it can be canceled with a 30 day written notice.

Monthly Service

Our weekly service is provided at one monthly fee. No need to guess what the bill amount will be every month. No extra charge for a 5th visit when there are 5 weeks to the month. Also, there is no extra charge for leaf and perennial removal and clean-up of leaves during fall and winter season.

Residential Services

What are the benefits of having one company provide landscape service for the common area and all or a large number of homes in that same subdivision? The most popular answers are to save money and to increase down time. Both answers are true. Here are some other really good benefits:

Consistency and high curb appeal resulting in higher value for your home

Usually, homeowners hire different landscape companies that provide service on different days of the week resulting in an inconsistent landscape appearance. For instance, if one homeowner has his/her yard maintained on Monday and his/her neighbor has a different landscape company coming on Thursday by that time the one done on Monday is not looking as appealing. However, if the two homeowners have the same landscape company provide the same service at the same day, both yards will have the same consistent look. Also, if all or most of the homeowners on that street have the same company, it will result in higher curb appeal for everyone.

Reducing traffic and making the subdivision a safer environment for you and your loved ones

If one landscape company enters the subdivision, it eliminates other company vehicles from entering in and out every day of the week.

Peace of mind

Teamscapes trucks are painted orange with big visibly branded and recognized logo; our trucks are noticeable from long distance. Our field employees also wear an orange shirt. We created these conditions so that the homeowner immediately recognizes us and the reason we are here. FAMILIARITY IS A PEACE OF MIND The landscape of a subdivision, the landscape of every home in inside the subdivision is the FIRST IMPRESSION every one driving in.

Commercial Services

All our field work is done by our specially trained employees, and with the use of top of the line commercial grade equipment to achieve our award winning service. Teamscapes strives to becoming the best Landscape company in Georgia. That’s why all properties will be inspected by management on regular basis to ensure nothing less than an award winning service is performed.

We will give you our award winning service at a very competitive price

Property Owners and property managers have great responsibilities in making sure everything stay in order. From the general maintenance of the place, security, dealing with contractors as well as the demanding tenants. The burden of this job can be hectic. Everyday brings a new set of tasks, different from the last. Time management has to be a major focus. With regret, Teamscapes cannot help with all of these problems, but we can help with one, managing your outdoor landscaping needs. Here are few reasons why we could be a great service to you.

We will use top rated commercial equipment to provide the best service possible

Outdoor landscaping will give a good first impression for the owners and property managers. With Teamscape’s systematic, award winning service we will maintain all aspects of the exterior grounds on a weekly basis; every property will be inspected by management to ensure the continuance of an award winning service and provide you with a monthly report to keep you up to date with your properties’ condition. We will also monitor the health of the landscape, and offer you ideas on what is needed to enhance the overall landscape.

Our professional management staff and professionally trained field employees work together with property owners and property managers through open communication to better understand the customer’s needs.

We inspect the property before we begin

Before we start service on any property a Teamscapes trained professional will walk the property with field employees to inspect the property and come up with the best landscape solution for the property.