About Teamscapes Inc.

Our Mission Statement

Evolve. To Act with Integrity, to give and keep our word. To work together as a team with one goal in mind, to exceed our client’s expectations, to communicate effectively with our entire team, the staff, the management, and most of all, our Clients.

Through this successful communication Teamscapes will have the ability to stay innovative, and know what the client’s needs are, and achieve them. Whether you are looking for a cozy garden that will be the envy of your neighbors or a soft natural ambience to wrap around your commercial complex, Teamscapes is at your service.

At Teamscapes, we put our experience, aesthetic design, talent, integrity, knowledge, and love of the outdoors, to work for you. Our goal is to create a beautiful backdrop for your home or business. We have developed a systematic procedure that provides an efficient and effective means of completing your project.

When Teamscapes works for you, you are our only customer, and your satisfaction is paramount. Our hardworking, loyal and professional staff will work closely with you to achieve the results you desire. Our team prides itself on open lines of communication between management, employees and clients to fulfill your landscaping needs.

You deserve the best in landscape design installation and maintenance…You deserve Teamscapes We are working hard to earned the reputation of being the leader in the landscape industry that’s why we are the best company for you.

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Why Use Teamscapes?

A beautiful landscape is a place of reflection an ever delightful and rewarding place. A place that can be a buffer against the stresses of life. Your garden is your rooms outside the home and can provide the background for great spring, summer and fall parties, where you enjoy the pleasure of friends, or a setting for family events, it can also be a place of peace and tranquility for you.

Our company is fully insured. Having a nice landscaped property can increase the value of your home as well as promote safer neighborhoods. At Teamscapes, we pride ourselves in having excellent service at a great price. Contact Us for your FREE Quote today.

Using an Insured Company is Very Important

Many Landscape companies operate without proper Insurance policies to protect their customers. That can result in holding the homeowner liable for any damages If an accident causing damage to the neighbor’s property, or the worst fiscally hurting someone with a flying object while working with landscape machinery. What many homeowners don’t realize is that Insurance companies (like homeowners policy) will not cover any damages due to the fact that it is the homeowner’s poor judgment in hiring a landscape contractor not properly insured.

There are MANY MORE landscape companies operating with a pickup truck and a trailer and do not have a commercial insurance policy on the pickup truck. In the event there is an accident in the subdivision the company’s insurance will not pay damages because that pickup truck is used for business and the owner did not disclose that fact with their insurance company. The victim can then go to the homeowner and hold the homeowner liable for damages because the company entered the subdivision to provide the homeowner with a service.

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