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Why Landscape Architecture is Important for Your Atlanta Home

Whether you want to boost the curb appeal of your home or you’re interested in creating a fun and existing outdoor living space – or you have any other landscape design idea in mind – you’ve come to the right place! Teamscapes, Inc., a locally owned and operated, fully licensed and insured landscape and garden design company, has been enhancing the beauty and improving the function of backyards and front yards throughout the greater Atlanta area for more than 26 years.

Our professionally trained and highly experienced design team are experts in all aspects of landscape design. From stacked stone walls, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, plant design, and so much more; we have all of your landscape design needs covered. Using the most advanced techniques and proven strategies, and the highest quality equipment and supplies, we can turn your ho-hum yard into an outdoor living oasis. A tranquil and lush retreat or a welcoming space for recreation, no matter the features you want to incorporate and the ideas you have in mind, you can count on the crew at Teamscapes, Inc. to create an award-winning design that will be the talk of the town and that you’ll be sure to love for years to come.

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The Incredible Benefits of Professional Landscape Architecture

A beautiful landscape is a place of reflection an ever delightful and rewarding place. A place that can be a buffer against the stresses of life. Your garden is your rooms outside the home and can provide the background for great spring, summer and fall parties, where you enjoy the pleasure of friends, or a setting for family events, it can also be a place of peace and tranquility for you.

Our company is fully insured. Having a nice landscaped property can increase the value of your home as well as promote safer neighborhoods. At Teamscapes, we pride ourselves in having excellent service at a great price. Contact Us for your FREE Quote today.

A Holistic Vision

When planning the design and layout of your yard, professional landscape designers and architects will take all factors into consideration, including all of the aspects and elements that will have an impact on the design – and that the design will impact. Geology, erosion control, water run-off, the native wildlife; these are all elements of successful landscape architecture that a professionally trained and experience design team will take into consideration and attend to when developing the design of your backyard and/or front yard.

Inventive Problem Solving Skills

Professionals who are passionate about landscape architecture will really listen to the needs of their clients. They’re committed to bringing the dreams of the homeowners they work with to life. A landscape designer will take the time to discover the vision that you have in mind for your backyard or front yard, including the overall look of the space, as well as the intended function. They will also perform a thorough assessment of your property, which may include things like taking measurements, assessing the quality of the soil, the light exposure, and water runoff. They’ll also inquire about your budget. Using the information they gathered, an experienced landscape architecture professional will devise a customized design and a plan of action for your yard. The plan will incorporate your list of wants and needs, your budget, and the key components of your property, such as the geology, topography, hydrology, and layout of your yard. In order to address a wide range of unforeseen issues that may arise along the way, the landscape designer will have to apply creative solutions and must be willing to make adjustments as needed, and often on a whim, in order to bring your vision to life.

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A Sense of Purpose

We have a tendency to gravitate to locations that we enjoy; spaces that we connect with and that just make us feel comfortable and at peace. Nothing is more satisfying than transforming an underused or unused part of your home into a beloved space. A professional that specializes in landscape architecture will apply their training, knowledge, skill, and passion to turn your ordinary, average, overgrown, or just “blah” backyard and/or front yard into the favorite part of your home.

Whether it’s a quiet sanctuary, complete with waterfalls, fountains, winding cobblestone pathways, stacked stone walls that double as seating, and fragrant plants where you can enjoy some respite and peace of mind or a space that welcomes loved ones to gather around fire pits, to prepare and share meals in an outdoor kitchen, or to enjoy some fun recreational activities; no matter the vision you have for your yard and the layout and current design, a landscape design expert can create an award-winning outdoor space that has a definite sense of purpose.

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Peace of Mind

Landscape architecture is about more than just creating outdoor spaces that incorporate garden design and hardscaped features; it’s also about creating an environment that strengthens the connection between you and your natural surroundings. Fast-paced, high-demand lifestyles and constant exposure to technological devices, combined with the stress and uncertainty of harrowing societal issues, it’s easy to feel overworked and overwhelmed. A landscape designer can create a well-designed outdoor living space that will provide the perfect getaway from the chaos of everyday life, where you can rejuvenate and restore your mind, body, and spirit.

Transform Your Yard with Atlanta’s Premier Landscape Architecture Professionals

To learn more about the benefits of landscape architecture, contact Teamscapes, Inc. As Atlanta’s leading landscape design firm, we have been transforming the outdoor spaces of homeowners throughout the area for more than 26 years. To view samples of our award-winning designs or to discuss the ideas that you have in mind, dial 770.441.3129. One of our informed and courteous associates will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. At Teamscapes, Inc., we’re looking forward to helping you create the outdoor living space of your dreams.