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Parameters To Evaluate When Hiring A Lawn Mowing Service in Gresham Park, GA

Some homes have a more appealing outdoor space than others in terms of curb appeal. It is often the achievement of the resident who takes pride in their landscape. Other times, it is the work of a skilled, detail-oriented lawn care service.

Residents of Gresham Park, GA have plenty of lawn care options, as a quick Google search helps to find the best Lawn mowing service in the area.

Lawn Mowing Service in Gresham Park, GA

A few of these lawn care companies in DeKalb County have multiple teams and many resources, whereas others may have a small crew and a personalized customer approach.

Teamscapes is the best lawn care company that offers affordable service for your outdoor space maintenance needs. We have been establishing gorgeous landscapes in Gresham Park, GA, by growing plants and maintaining trees and shrubs. Because of our experience and expertise, we are convinced of what we can do for you.

We understand how important it is for you to maintain the flower beds of your home. When you hire Teamscapes, you get more than just a team of professional landscapers; you also get a team that takes pride in making your yard look its best. Call our customer service on 770-256-8504 to enquire about our all kinds of lawn care services.

There are many factors to consider while choosing the best Lawn mowing service in Gresham Park, GA. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know! Here is a list of the factors to consider while hiring the best lawn mowing service for you.


The best place to begin is by researching the lawn care company’s reputation, both online and through recommendations from friends. While not everything you read or hear should be taken as fact, if you come across various nasty comments or anyone you regard does not have a positive image of the business, there may be some fact of the matter to it all.

Teamscapes recommends checking the company’s online profiles for audience opinions and feedback and dependable ratings and reviews.

License and insurance

When hiring a lawn maintenance company in Georgia, you should ensure they are licensed in the state and have the proper certification to perform the services they advertise. It demonstrates that they are a registered company with some credence behind their name.

Also, you should double-check to ensure the employer is insured. If damage or accident occurs while collaborating on your property, you, the homeowner, may be on the hook for hospital costs or face legal consequences.


A successful company should proudly show a wide range of projects they have completed — including photos — whether through their website or social media channels. Even for a business like a lawn care service in GA, a portfolio of work is now the norm. Do they have a portfolio of work that you can look at?

Check and do more research. Do all of the photos appear from one or two lawn care and landscaping projects? Is the portfolio inclusive of all of their lawn mowing services? Do they have any case studies you could look at?

Service cost

As clients, we are always looking for ways to get the most bang for our buck. However, this does not always imply the best value.

When obtaining a quotation from a lawn mowing Gresham Park based company in DeKalb County, make sure to ask how they quantify their estimated cost. Compare the numbers, and see if the pricing is similar among competitors.

This trick may provide the best bang for your buck. You can probably eliminate the highest and lowest quote pricing, as you’re either being charged extra or paying for lousy service. The middle-of-the-road cost might be the best value for your dollar. So call us today to receive the best quotes on lawn mowing services on 770-256-8504.

Customer service

First impressions are the best impressions. So, you need to check whether the customer service team is cordial and welcoming while contacting them about a service or project via message, phone, or email. Do you give you the answers you’re looking for?

Are they timely with their response? If their customer service is good, there is no risk of fight or disrespect you might face while lawn mowing service is on and until the landscaping projects are completed.

Questions you need to ask before obtaining Lawn Mowing service

Regardless of the circumstances, the lawn needs to be cared for, which is why it’s critical to find the best Lawn Mowing Service in Gresham Park to maintain your property for you.

Even though your lawn mowing service provider in DeKalb County will keep your trees and shrubs looking good all year, you must answer some questions before hiring that will help you understand what is best for your lawn and how a company works.

Why is it vital to keep a healthy lawn?

It is the broadest question you can ask, but it is also one of the most important. Your lawn mowing company should answer the question fully, and you will ultimately have a clear understanding of what you are paying for.

For instance, if you discover that a particular brand of complete fertilizer is best for your vegetable garden, you can expect to pay more if you go that pathway.

Do you use pesticides or treatments?

You would like your lawn mowing service to keep your lawn in the best possible condition. This includes not allowing outdoor pests to use your lawn as a banquet. To ensure that your lawn is pest-free during the spring and summer, ask your lawn mowing service if they provide pesticide application or if they have any guidance if you need to do this on your own.

What describes your contract?

Contracts are an essential subject even in the lawn care service industry. When looking for a new lawn mowing service in Gresham Park, GA, you like to understand what they encompass and for how long. Do they only mow lawns? Are they able to provide lawn fertilization for a vegetable garden?

Realizing what the contract implies will help you understand what you are charging for and whether the service is worth the price.

What should you do if you find property damage?

Occasionally, a sprinkler head or other visible property damage may occur during lawn mowing. These occurrences are uncommon with a professional, licensed lawn care company like Teamscapes.

But you should notice how your service provider manages the problem. A dependable provider will ensure that damage is carefully evaluated and that repairs are completed on time.

What to Inquire about the process of lawn mowing?

It is critical to inquire about your lawn care procedure. A reputable lawn care firm in Gresham Park, GA, will be able to recount their entire process from beginning to end.

Remember that each lawn is unique, so ensure that the lawn mowing and care you receive are suitable for your flower beds.

High-Quality Lawn mowing service in Gresham Park

If you are a GA resident who needs a lawn mowing service, please contact us at 770-256-8504. As a top Lawn mowing service provider in Gresham Park, GA Teamscapes is proud to offer our fellow residents a wide range of lawn care services and exceptional customer service in our quest to be the best lawn care company in Gresham Park, GA.

We know you might have questions about keeping your outdoor space healthy, and we’re here to help. Call our Executive Lawn Care to learn more about our high-quality lawn services. Give us a call right away at 770-256-8504.

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