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Landscape Design in Dekalb County, GA: Is a New Outdoor Space Right for You?

Here at Teamscapes, we have been working for almost 30 years with home and business owners in Dekalb County, GA, Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas. In that time, our garden landscaping jobs have transformed our clients’ homes and businesses into beautiful landscape architectures that have had visitors wanting to do the same for their homes and gardens. We offer a variety of packages that will change your yards for the better. If you are interested in hiring Teamscapes for your Atlanta, GA outdoor living space needs, here are some things you may want to consider.

Become Connected with the Outdoors

Have you ever thought that your very own backyard could be like a vacation getaway on its own? If connecting with nature is something you have only believed to be something that you need to travel to do, our team of garden landscapers can make you think again. We can help transform your backyard into an oasis that you do not need a boarding pass for. From garden design, to a modern outdoor living space, to fire pit installations, or even elaborate irrigation systems, water features, and outdoor lighting, the sky is absolutely the limit. A professional landscape designed and built by Teamscapes can open your yard up to a myriad of tropical and outdoor peaceful possibilities. 

What is the Natural Flow of Your Backyard?

Statistics have proven this time and time again; those who spend more time outside develop a better way of life than they previously had. By soaking up the sun in a beautifully designed landscape or outdoor living area, your life is bound to feel more refreshing and peaceful. Rest and relaxation do not have to happen indoors only. Take a step out of the living room into beautiful landscape focal points designed just for you in your Atlanta, GA backyard and breathe the fresh and relaxing air that your body and mind deserve!

Utilizing Unused Landscape Space

Many homeowners in Dekalb County, GA and its surrounding areas have a lot of space in their yard that they do not even use. In the time that we have been in business, our team has transformed unused backyard areas into places to relax, entertain, or even meditate. By hiring a landscape contractor from Teamscapes for a new landscape design, you will utilize all the areas of your Atlanta, GA property and make the most of your beautiful home. Our design installation will also drastically improve your Atlanta landscape curb appeal for passers by and visitors!

If you are ready to reap the rewards of a beautifully designed landscape, we urge you to call Teamscapes today. For almost 30 years our landscape design team of landscape architects have been transforming the yards of Dekalb County, GA into peaceful and lovely grounds that have changed entire homes, gardens, and yards for the better. If you would like more information on any of our landscape design packages, or new outdoor living space designs, please get in touch with the certified landscape professionals at Teamscapes right away!