Landscape Architecture Services

Landscape Architecture in Delkab County, GA: What is it, and Will it Work for Me?

When people hear the term “landscape architecture” they may not really know what it means. In basic terms, landscape architecture is concerned with landscape design and build features. The projects involved in garden landscaping range from home yards to the design and building of community parks and professional gardens. A landscape architect is responsible for designing and planning the restoration of natural grounds that may need a sprucing up, or even a backyard makeover. If you are interested in turning your backyard, or commercial property in Dekalb County, GA area into a beautiful garden landscape, then landscape architecture would be perfect for you.

What Does a Landscape Architect in Atlanta, GA Do?

The role of a Landscape Architect is varied to say the least. The simple answer to this question is that a landscape architect builds and designs lovely outdoor spaces. Their job ranges from intense designing and planning as well delegating responsibilities to the landscape contractors. A landscape architecture project can range from intimate to expansive, residential to commercial, and beyond. The team at Teamscapes is skilled in all of these areas, including:

Our team has almost 30 years of experience in designing and constructing new and existing landscapes that include homes, gardens, basic lawn care, and business designs. We start with initial planning and then see the entire professional landscape and garden design project through to its conclusion.

Working Together on Your Outdoor Living Space

When you work with the team at Teamscapes, you have the opportunity to work directly with our landscape architects and their team. We have the talent and skills to take your vision and make it a reality. Regardless of the size of the project, you will be involved in each step to ensure its success. During the initial meetings with our design team, we will all determine the scope of the project and integrate manageable concepts that you are bound to love. That being said, our team will always keep your original ideas, as well as your budget, in mind as we proceed. By working with our clients, we develop a keen understanding of what they want to see come to fruition.

landscaped house in Atlanta, GA

The Next Step: Bringing the Landscape Design in Dekalb County, GA to Life

After the initial designs are drawn, the client and landscape architects will go over a model of the outdoor space. These models provide a detailed view of what the client’s finished product will be. The models that are presented include every detail of what was discussed and created in the initial meetings such as new trees, bodies of water, water features, irrigation systems, fire pits, and other focal points that are bound to improve your home or business’ curb appeal. This will give everyone an idea of what the outdoor living space design installation will ultimately be. Seeing the model usually wows the client and provides them peace of mind that their landscape design is in the best of hands. From there, it is time to get to the physical work of building the landscape to your satisfaction!

The team at Teamscapes would love to help you with your new Atlanta  landscape architecture and landscape design projects in Dekalb County, GA. For more information, please get in touch with us today!