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Garden Design 101 and Different Types of Garden Designs in Panthersville, Ga

When you set out to start a landscaping project for your DeKalb home, you may already have a vision in mind, or you may be looking for a garden landscaper in Panthersville, Ga who can give you some inspiration. Your garden should harmonize with your entire landscape, whether you want just a few small shrubs and flowers on the edges of your patio, a full lawn where your kids can run and play, or a variety of unique plants. There are many pieces for garden landscapers to consider and many different styles to choose from: here are just a few things for you to consider before starting your garden landscaping project in Panthersville, Ga.

Different Elements of Garden Design

Intended Purpose

How do you plan to spend time in your yard? Do you have animals who need lots of space to run around? Do you have a green thumb and want to grow your own fruits and vegetables? Do you want to spend time with your kids having a picnic on the lawn or swimming in the pool? Or will you be hosting parties for your friends or colleagues? All of this is vital when deciding whether you want a large patio, a sprawling lawn, or lots of garden beds. Your garden design needs to serve you!


There are lots of different architectural elements to consider that will complement your garden design. If you are planning on growing fruits and vegetables, you may need to build garden beds for your plants. Pathways might be a nice addition to your garden, helping you weave your way between plants. Backyard fences are necessary, but they can also be stylish. Ask your garden landscaper about different finishes! If you are a frequent host, a gazebo or a patio with an overhang might be a good investment. One of the biggest things you can add to your yard is a pool, which is a nice addition during the warmer months of the year in DeKalb.


Plants are obviously a vital part of garden design: they can be used to complement any landscape. Different types of grasses, flowers, and shrubs can be a nice addition to a yard that is taken up by a patio or a swimming pool. However, if you want a large lawn or a garden, your yard will probably be dominated by plant life. While it may be tempting to layer your garden with every beautiful plant you can get your hands on, there is more you need to know. Are you choosing plants that are suited to the climate in DeKalb? Are you comfortable with the time and energy it will take to keep this type of plant alive? Garden landscapers and people who sell plants will be able to answer these questions for you.

Furniture and Accessories

If you are planning on installing a patio or gazebo you will likely want furniture that harmonizes with your whole garden. Furthermore, garden accessories, like statues, decorative garden stakes, or hangings for your fences or overhangs are simple items that can give your setting even more character.

Different Types of Garden Design

Vegetable Garden

If you are planning on growing your own food, you will probably need some garden beds to keep your plants from getting out of control. Having garden beds can make your garden look neat and clean. It is also a good way to section off a certain part of your yard if you still want some area for a lawn or a patio. Growing your own food is a difficult undertaking, but you can still make your garden look attractive.

Complementary Plants

If most of your yard is going to be taken up by a patio, a swimming pool, a gazebo, a fountain, or another architectural structure, you may think that plants will not be a huge consideration for you. However, flowers and shrubs are an excellent way to complement and show off the larger features of your yard; if you have invested a large amount of money to install a pool or a fountain at your home, you want to make it look as nice as possible! Shrubs surrounding your pool can make the setting much more stylish; flowers hanging from pots can make your gazebo a peaceful and soothing place to relax. Don’t focus all your attention on the larger pieces of your landscape; smaller additions can be just as important.

Lots of Lawn

If the main feature of your yard is going to be the lawn – maybe you want a place for your kids to play or your pets to run around – there are still many decisions to make. Do you want to install sod or grown grass from the beginning? What types of grass are there? You should talk to your garden landscaper about the climate in DeKalb and how much time you have to tend to your lawn to figure out what is best for you. And don’t forget to add some complementary plants to highlight your nice new lawn!

Shady Hideouts

Maybe you want to include lots of trees and larger plants to create a nice, shady environment in your yard where you can relax. Trees can be harder to install and maintain than smaller plants, but they are just as beautiful. Again, just remember to choose something that thrives in the environment where you live and that you have the time to keep healthy. Do this, and you can have an impressive spot full of beautiful trees.

Other Ideas

There are still many more ideas for beautiful garden designs. If you are still looking for inspiration, talk to a garden landscaper at Teamscapes; we are happy to give you ideas to complement your home. You can also simply go on the internet and search through blogs and images before even talking to a landscaper; this is a good way to look for inspiration, and when you are ready to start your project, the experienced staff at Teamscapes are at your service!

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