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Landscape Edging in Redan, GA: Everything You Need to Know

Are you considering adding some edging to the landscape of a home, business, school, park, or other location in Redan, GA? There are probably a few questions you need to answer before you start your project. Landscape edging serves as a border between your plant beds and your lawn or other pieces of your landscape. It helps your landscape look neat and organized and can help keep weeds away from your plants. It is a relatively simple feature for garden landscapers, but there are still a few things to consider. Will you be installing the edging yourself or do you want to hire a garden landscaper in Redan? What types of edging are available, and which one is the best for your project in DeKalb? Here is what you need to know.

DIY or Hire a Landscaper?

Installing landscape edging is something you can do on your own; you could easily arrange bricks or rocks as a border around your plants, but some types of edging are more difficult to install and require more maintenance. Natural edging, which is created by digging small trenches, must be redone regularly. Some plastic and metal edging must be dug into the ground or requires stakes to remain upright. At the end of the day, it all depends on you; do you want to put in the time and energy to find the right materials and tools, or do you want a professional to do it? Typically, things will come out better when someone with experience does the job, and professional garden landscapers already have the necessary tools. If you do decide you want a pro on the job, just give us a call at Teamscapes in Redan, GA!

Different Types of Edging: Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to all types of landscape edging: what will last the longest, what is best for the climate in DeKalb? Be sure to read about your options or consult a garden landscaper.


Natural landscape edging is simple, neat, and all you need to accomplish it is an edging spade. To create natural landscape edging, you use the spade to create a small trench between your lawn and the start of your garden bed. However, you will need to redo the trench occasionally to keep the border of the plant bed crisp. If you do not want to do this yourself or do not want to pay to have someone maintain your yard, you should consider a longer-lasting type of edging. If you are committed to natural edging, there are plenty of DeKalb garden landscapers who are happy to talk to you about landscape maintenance.

Bricks, Rocks, and Cobblestones

Bricks, rocks, and cobblestones are easier to install since they simply must be arranged around a flower bed; furthermore, they give your landscape a beautiful, traditional look! They are more durable than other materials, and they provide a thicker barrier between your plants and your lawn. However, if you are purchasing the materials, it can be pricey. If you decide to go this route, you will not only be choosing something stylish; you will be making an investment in your landscape.


Wood edging can give your garden a nice, rustic look. However, different types of wood can cause different problems. Natural, untreated wood will rot and will eventually need to be replaced. On the other hand, treated wood can be harmful to your plants. Be sure you know the drawbacks before you make a decision.


Plastic edging may seem like a dream come true: it is cheap and relatively easy to install. However, you pay for what you get. Plastic edging will wear away over time; you may want to consider making a bigger investment in your landscape, one that will pay for itself in the long run when you don’t have to keep replacing your edging. However, if this is a temporary situation, this may be a good option for you!


Metal is like plastic edging: simple and easy to install, but it will last a little bit longer. If you want the simple, neat look that plastic edging has and were hoping to do the installation yourself but wanted something that will last a little bit longer, this is the choice for you!


Concrete edging requires more time and expenses. Unless you are a professional garden landscaper, you will likely need to hire someone to pour the concrete. However, it is a good investment. Concrete edging is durable, there are plenty of looks and styles to choose from, and it will provide a strong barrier between your plants and the rest of your yard. You can also have your landscaper install concrete pathways which will double in purpose as they can also be used as edging.

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